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    Trailer Repair in Lily Lake, IL

     Our most important goal is to provide a service where trailer safety is the top priority. Our staff has experience recognizing wear/damage and repairing most any trailer component, from brakes and wiring to flooring and ramps, as well as custom/personalized repairs and upgrades. We carry all the top brands such as Dexter, Fulton, Trailer Parts Pro by Redline, Bulldog and more. 
    Stop by and let one of our experts help you with all your trailer needs today or contact us!
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    Snow Plow Repair in Lily Lake, IL

    Snow plows can take a lot of abuse, even under the best of conditions. They combine parts that wear along the road surface, that operate hydraulically, and are controlled electrically, all of which require regular maintenance. 

    Your blade's cutting edge comes in direct contact with the road surface, and is therefore subject to wear. However, the other pins, clips and pressure points are also under a tremendous amount of stress while pushing snow. Ensuring these are well lubricated and structurally sound is essential to keeping your plow operating through the winter. Stop in and let our staff inspect your plow before the season starts!

    The hydraulic system on your plow is its life line. Your motor is the key, and must be kept free of corrosion and moisture. Also, the pistons should be clean and the hoses that your hydraulic fluid flows through should be inspected. Hydraulic systems operate under incredible amounts of pressure, and a failure in any part can be potentially catastrophic. JD's Auto & Trailer Repair offers a Snow Plow Service to ensure the safe and timely operation of your plow's motor and hydraulic system.

    Your snow plow's lights and basic operation depend on electrical connections. These include the plugs on the plow itself, the connections to the vehicle's battery and the controller located inside the vehicle. A problem with any of these can leave you without a properly working plow. Our technicians inspect all aspects of the electrical system, cleaning and protecting your connections and troubleshooting any problems, from simply a bad ground or controller, to corroded wires or relays under the hood.

    Come in to JD's Auto & Trailer Repair today and let us help you stay on the road through the winter snow plow season!

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    Trailer Accessories & Parts in Lily Lake, IL

    We offer a wide variety of quality Trailer Parts and Accessories to repair and maintain your trailer. Wear and tear is a normal part of an aging trailer, and parts will go bad. Our focus is on maintaining the safe operation of all of your trailer's parts, including brakes, lights, wiring, couplers, jacks, ramps, doors, breakaway switch and battery, safety chains, wheels, tires, axles, suspension and more. We rely on quality parts and accessories from top suppliers, such as Bulldog, Wesbar, Bargman, Dexter, Fulton, Tekonsha and Rack'Em, among others.

    Call or stop by to ask our friendly staff how we can find the right trailer parts and accessories for you today!

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    Snow Plow Parts in Lily Lake, IL

    We stock and order snow plow parts!

    Lights not working? Plow blade not responding to your controller? Is there structural damage to your system? JD's Auto & Trailer Repair can help!

    We offer a full general plow service, recommended annually, where we inspect the plow frame, pins and clips, electric system (lights/connections/controller) and hydraulic system, including inside the pump. We stock filters and gaskets, fluid, blade markers, lighting equipment, batteries and more.

    Call or stop by, our staff is happy to help with all your snow plow needs!

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    Trailer Hitch & Installation in Lily Lake, IL

    Hitch Sales, Service, & Accessories

    When choosing the right trailer hitch consider the following questions to keep in mind:
    How much combined weight (trailer and payload) will I need to carry?
    Is my truck or automobile rated to carry the combined weight I am considering?
    What style(s) will fit my vehicle?
    Which designs are engineered specifically for my vehicle?
    Is appearance a major consideration; what will the installed trailer hitch look like?
    How easy will it be to install on my vehicle?
    Will any vehicle modifications be necessary?

    JD's Auto &Trailer Repair offers solutions for most any vehicle, from installing vehicle-specific hitch receivers, to custom fit automotive hitch receivers, to designing and fabricating custom frames and receivers for RVs and other vehicles. We install quality products from suppliers such as Draw-Tite, Reese, Hidden Hitch, Curt, Andersen Tekonsha and Tow Ready.

    Contact us today for more information on the right hitch and towing accessories for you!

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    Brake Repair in Lily Lake, IL

    Regular examination is a important aspect to reliability, and durability of your trailer brakes.  Dexter, the leading manufacture of trailer brakes, recommends service every 12 months or 12000 miles, which ever comes first. 

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    Batteries in Lily Lake, IL

    Batteries ought to be examined regularly to guarantee the performance of your vehicle or trailer electric system.

    Plow vehicles rely on the battery to control the plow. It is vital that the terminals are free of corrosion and the battery has the capacity to supply the plow control in the difficult conditions plow vehicles typically operate.

    Many trailers rely on batteries so that the breakaway system operates properly. Again, ensuring the connections are clean, secure and free of corrosion is critical. As the last line of defense to stop your trailer in the event of a disconnection from the vehicle, a working battery is necessary for trailer safety.

    Visit JD’s Auto & Trailer Repair for batteries and battery replacement in Lily Lake, IL.

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    New Tire & Tire Repair in Lily Lake, IL

    Tires are the point of contact between your trailer and the road. More than that, having the right tire for your trailer needs is essential for safe and efficient towing. JD's Auto & Trailer Repair is commited to keeping our customers informed about the condition of their tires, as well as whether their current tire is sufficient for the load they're hauling.

    Tire Wear and "Dry Rot": As more miles are put on a tire, tread begins to wear down. However, trailer tires often start breaking down long before the tread is worn out. The materials inside the tire itself are affected by weather conditions, temperature and sun exposure, forming cracks between the tread and in the sidewall and weakening the tire's integrity. This "dry rot"can put you at risk for a blowout on the road, and further possible damage to your trailer's fenders and body.

    Tire Load Ratings: Trailers come in many shapes, sizes and most importantly, load capacities. Depending on what cargo you haul and how heavy it is, it's vital to have tires that can properly support your trailer; overloaded tires can be subject to uneven wear not only on the tire itself, but the suspension and axle as well. Our staff will happy to assist you in determining the appropriate tire for your towing needs, and ensuring your new tires are properly mounted and inflated!

    Tire Punctures and Slow Leaks: Roads are full of objects that can become lodged in a tire, causing slow leaks and possibly blowouts. This can cause the tire to become extremely underinflated, causing uneven load distribution and uneven wear on the tire, shortening it's life. Our staff will inspect tires with low pressure for any punctures or other problems and work to make the tire safe for you to go down the road.

    Have questions about the condition of your tires? Call or stop by JD's Auto & Trailer Repair!

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JD’s Auto & Trailer Repair understands the importance of quality service and strives to offer each of our customers quality trailers, repairs, and trailer services. We take pride in each and every trailer sale, service and repair that we do. JD's Auto & Trailer Repair  takes pride in doing their job correctly. We don't oversell unnecessary repairs and we take pride in informing our customers of the repairs that are needed,  then proceeding with the repair to make the trailer reliable and safe.  Our most important goal is to provide a service where trailer safety is the top priority. We carry all the top brands such as Reese, Hidden Hitch, Curt, Fulton, Draw Tite, Bulldog and Dexter. Stop by and let one of our experts help you with all your trailer needs today!